Body Waxing

The use of warm wax to remove unwanted body and facial hair has been a method of depilation for decades. The methods of performing waxing and the wax products themselves have vastly improved offering more consistent results and greater ease in actual hair removal.

The Skin You're In offers the following waxing services:

Half-leg (just knee and below) $20

Arms  $20

Full leg $35

Armpits $15

Bikini $25

Full bikini $35

Brazilian starts at $45

Back or chest starts at $45

Facial hair $15

Package deals and frequency programs are available.


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Pre-Wax instructions:

1. Must have stopped taking retinoids/Accutane for 6 months to a year before being allowed to wax.

2. Stop shaving at least a week before your session. This gives a good result that will last a week or better. Repeated waxing creates the slow growth over time.

3. Stop using body washes that contain AHAs like glycolic acid, fruit acids, and salicylic acid 2-3 days before appointment.

4. If you are taking antibiotics or steroid medications, your skin will likely be more sensitive.

5. 5 days before, during and 5 days after your period your skin may be more sensitive.

A full assessment of your health will be taken before the session begins.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns about your session.