Holistic Skin Care

Holistic Skin Care: What does that really mean? Very simply put, holistic skin care means fostering the regenerative nature of skin through the use of wholesome ingredients and biologically safe therapies.

As an example, cosmetic surgery to lift sagging skin is not holistic, but utilizing the tightening characteristics of albumin or microcurrent is holistic. Let's not fight nature...nurture!

At The Skin You're In, a variety of holistic skin care therapies are available:

Facial massage: relaxes, tones, opens, increases circulation, improves oxygenation, stimulates collagen production, facilitates deep cleaning of pores.

 Aromatherapy: Using pure essential oils, aromatherapy uses the biochemical messengers from plants to interact with the skin's cellular metabolism and also the sensory neurons within the brain. Lavendar as the example, it is a potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory (cell metabolism) and also signals the brain to relax, reducing anxiety.

Warm/cold stone facial massage: Genuine basalt stones are heated or cooled and gently stroked over oiled skin. The smoothness of the stones gliding across the skin provides a relaxing cerebral experience while the heat/cold exercises the facial muscles and stimulates sensory nerves and circulation.

Galvanic and microcurrent therapies: Electrical modalities that purge impurities, tone and exercise the skin and stimulate the mitochondria in the skin cells; all this encourages the formation of collagen.